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About Mama Oak

Formed in 2016 from the ashes of two up and coming canadian rock outfits, Mama Oak reunites the boys from The Callow and Two Green Cats. The band is fronted by singer William Larochelle accompanied by his fellow Two Green Cats bandmate, Chris Desjardins on bass. To complete the rythm section, Guillaume Perron (The Callow) is the heartbeat of this gentle beast. Both on guitar, Sebastian Michon and Jeff Fillion (also from The Callow) are responsible for planting the seed that would grow and eventually become Mama Oak. Right out the bat, the guys got along very quickly, from everyone’s influences to just the good old camaraderie, they all knew they had something good going on. Since then, they’ve been working on their common craft and in october 2018, have released their first 6 track record called “Hem & Haw” as well as a live video for the song “Better Run”. We can safely say that there is a lot more to come out of these guys, stay tuned for dates in a city near you.

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